Song of the heart Image Courtesy J. Kirk Richards


"The Sabbath Dawns a Holier Light," by Toni Thomas, was given an Award of Distinction at the 2011 LDS Church Music Submission Awards in the hymn text category.

"They Will Not Doubt Their Mothers Knew," by Toni Thomas and Margo Edgeworth,, was given an Award of Merit at the 2011 LDS Music Submission Awards in the Relief Society category.

"Come All Unto the Temple," winner of an Award of Distinction in the 2009 hymn text awards, is now available on the Church Music website HERE.


OCT 28 2013

LDS Relief Society Music Awards Concert

FEB 17 2014

LDS Music Festival Concert
7:30 pm
Assembly Hall, Temple Square
Songs of Everlasting Joy


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