The Hidden Things of Heaven

And hidden-things-of-heaven music image The Hidden Things of Heaven

Difficulty Level: Medium

"The Hidden Things of Heaven" reminds of unseen blessings, the service we receive from heavely hands, and the miracles we may be part of as we serve others..

Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Annette Dickman

Verse 1

We walk with angels unaware

Of unseen hands and watchful care,

Of gentle whispers that inspire

And fierce and holy guarding fire.

If we but knew and could behold

The gathered angels, bright and bold,

Who rally to defend our cause,

We would not fear to serve our God.


Verse 2

We walk ‘mid mortals full of care,

Of hidden grief and dark despair

Who, touched with tender mercy might,

Find courage to outlast the night.

If we but knew and could behold

The miracle that might unfold,

How free would our devotion be!

How rapt with love, our charity!

Verse 3

The love of God shines everywhere,

In all that’s good and true and fair:

The hidden things of heav’n above

And earth below are known by love.

As grace by grace we comprehend

The heart of Jesus, pierced for sin,

We draw nigh to the heav’nly throne

To love as we are loved and known.