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Watch With Me

Charity Never Failing Sheet music image Watch With Me (Solo)

"Watch with Me" paints the Savior in Gethsemane with a caution to "watch" and not be found a sleeping disciple in the work Christ has given us.

Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu

Will ye tarry?

Will ye watch an hour with me?

Jesus spake at the gate of Gethsemane

My soul is full of sorrow even unto death;

This night there is no rest

Will ye watch with me?


Moon and shadow,

Twine beneath the olive tree,

Where in fear, the moment here, He falls to his knees:

All things, Oh Father, are possible to thee;

According to thy will

Oh, take this cup from me.


While Jesus wept

His own disciples slept

The simple thing he asked of them

They could not do.  

Jesus returned to find his friends

Fallen fast asleep,

Once more He asked,

Will ye watch with me?


Feel the darkness

Growing great where Jesus waits.

Eternities of agony crush his soul with their weight.

In awful anguish, blood flows from every pore.

An angel strengthens him;

Still he suffers more.


With every longing of my soul

I too would comfort him,

For in his suffering he suffers for me, too.

Yet who am I?

A disciple still in the shadows,

Asleep, asleep.


Will ye tarry?

Will ye watch an hour with me?