The Blind Beggar Bartimaeus

The Blind Beggar Bartimaeus music image The Blind Beggar Bartimaeus
(SATB Chorus)
The Blind Beggar Bartimaeus
(Soprano/Tenor Solo)

Difficulty Level: Medium

Performed by Chris Read


"The Blind Beggar Bartimaeus" teaches us to believe as the blind man did, for with the light of Christ it is possible to "know the thing we cannot touch."

Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu

Verse 1

As a blind child clutching cobblestones,

I wondered what it meant to see--

To know the thing I could not touch;

It made no sense to me.

As a blind man groping with my hands

To somehow guide my stumbling feet.

I often heard men speak of light

But I did not believe.


Then Jesus touched me,

Filled my eyes with living light,

Gave them sight and I saw.

When Jesus touched me,

How could I see and not believe,

Not perceive the Son of God,

The Son of God?


Verse 2

I saw the love in Jesus' face;

I saw the hatred men returned.

I saw Him teach His lowly ones

When wise men would not learn.

When He rode in triumph through the streets,

I thought the very stones would sing!

Then they tood my Lord;

They mocked and scourged;

They crucified my king.


Did they not see Him?

Did they not see His living light,

See his might and feel awe?

Did they not see Him?

How could they see and not believe,

Not perceive the Son of God?

The Son of God?


Reprise Verse 1

They were blind children clutching cobblestones,

They would not lift their eyes to see.

Contented with their cobblestones;

It makes no sense to me.

Blind beggars groping with their hands

To somehow guide their stumbling feet.

Their very eyes beheld the Christ

How could they not, why would they not believe?