Award of Special Recognition
2007 Church Music Submission Awards, RS Division

A Vessel of Light

A Vessel of Light music image A Vessel of Light (Mezzo Solo)

Difficulty Level: Medium


"A Vessel of Light" bids us keep our lamps full as the five wise virgins did in Jesus' parable of the Ten Virgins.

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Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu

Verse 1

When my lamp burns low;

And faith is dim;

When the once steady glow

Is uncertain;

I know I must attend

My failing store;

To trim my lamp and fill its lack

I come before the Lord.



Fill my lamp I pray with thy precious oil;

hen shadows dismay, Lord, light up my soul;

Through the night may I abide

A vessel of thy light.


Fill my lamp each day, and with delight

I will walk in Thy path with Thy perfect light.

Oh Lord, fill my lamp today. I pray.

Verse 2

Now my lamp is full;

Its flame is pure;

Not a flicker of doubt can endure.

Yet as I hurry through this dark’ning world,

How quickly burns my reservoir!

And I return to the Lord.


Repeat Chorus



In Gethsemane

Where the olives grow,

With the weight of our sins

A heavy stone,

Crushed and broken, Jesus tread

That awful press alone,

That my vessel might be full and whole,

Ever brimming with oil.


Repeat Chorus