Women of Faith

Women of Faith Sheet music image Women of Faith
(Women's Voices)
RIGHT-CLICK FOR AUDIO FILE "Women of Faith" is a tribute to the many women—our mothers, our grandmothers, our pioneering female leaders—who have by their faithful lives and charitable works lead the way for women of faith to follow today.

Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu

Verse 1

When once the heavens opened,

Her heart was touched with fire;

Then truth became her glory, 

And Zion her desire.

She glimpsed the vast eternities

And knew her royal birth;

Thus armed with truth and charity,

She fought for heav'n on earth.



Women of faith:

We celebrate their stories

Of sacrifice and glory,

In ev'ry time and place,

A fervent fire of faith,

To lead and light our way,

We carry on their legacy

As women of faith.


Verse 2

A woman left her homeland

To heed a prophet's call;

A woman learned the healing arts

To tend a wounded soul;

A woman planted grains of wheat,

Providing future stay;

A woman taught her children truths,

That live in us today.

Repeat Chorus


Verse 3

A sisterhood of purpose

Unites our hearts as one;

We will not fail nor falter,

Until the work is done.

Each life of sacrifice and grace

Our further works inspire,

Until in time we, too, shall add

Our flame unto their fire.


Repeat Chorus