Award of Merit
2015 LDS Church Submissions, Relief Society Category

Charity Never Failing

Charity Never failing music image Charity Never Failing

Difficulty Level: Medium

"Charity Never failing" is a lovely choral piece for women; it tells of the kind of love that women of God aspire to. This recording was done by the 2015 Church Music Festival Chorus.

Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Annette Dickman

Verse One

Charity is pure love,

The song of a woman's heart.

It touches friend and stranger

And gentle grace imparts.

Love purifies our purpose

And tempers wayward thought:

With charity, never failing,

We become as one with God.


Verse Two

Charity is serving

Our Savior who dwells above

By comforting His children

With kind and selfless love.

Christ, loving us completely,

Our sins and sorrows bought:

With charity, never failing,

We return our thanks to God.

Verse Three

Charity is boundless,

When settled unto the soul.

It bears through ev’ry shadow,

Restoring faith and hope.

Time takes away all treasure

Of fleeting worth, or flawed:

With charity, never failing,

We approach the throne of God.