A Great and Marvelous Work is Ours

Charity Never Failing Sheet music image A Great and Marvelous
Work is Ours (SATB)

"A Great and Marv'lous Work Is Ours" is a hymn that celebrates the work of our day, to build up the kingdom of God and prepare for the return of our Lord, Jesus Christ. This hymn encourages Saints to be courageous and faithful during the coming trials.

Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu

A great and marv'lous work is ours

To roll God's kingdom through the earth!

And ready in these final hours,

Our hearts, to magnify His work.

Though now the hour grows dark and fierce,

As the elect, be not dismayed.

For every storm of doubt must cease

When dawns that bright, eternal day.


Be never weary of the work;

The prize is great, the promise sure--

By oath and covenant conferred--

We will obtain if we endure.

Now let us to the task at hand

Bend all our strength and lend our best,

That we may with the worthy stand

And now and ever claim His rest.

Ascend the high and holy mount!

Behold the ensign there unfurled

As righteousness, from heaven sent,

Joins truth below to flood the earth!

With cheerful mind and ready hands

Press forward, holding hope steadfast,

Til gathering from ev'ry land,

We rise to meet our Lord at last.