The Kidron

The Kidron music image The Kidron
(Tenor/Soprano Solo)

Difficulty Level: Medium

Performed by Michael Ballam


"The Kidron" is a valley that runs between the Mount of Olives and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. After the Passover, Jesus and His Disciples passed over the Kidron as He prepared to enter Gethsemane, and take upon Himself our burdens.

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Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu

There in the valley, The brook Kidron flows.

Here in the mountain, Great olive trees grow.

Tell me what secrets the silent stones keep,

That here in the shadows,Our Savior must weep.


See the soft rain wash away His pain

Into the lowly Kidron.


The red sun is sinking, black clouds blot the sky.

The women are weeping, their Master has died.

Home to His Father, His freed Spirit’s flown.

But here in the shadows, remain blood-stained stones.

See the soft rain wash away the stain

Into the lowly Kidron.

If you are weary, Oh if you are weak,

Come to the mountain, to Gethsemane.

Here in the shadows, the silent stones tell

Of Him who is Savior, who suffered so well.


Feel the rain, the gentle rain, wash away your stains

Feel the rain, oh, the gentle rain, wash away your pain

Into the lowly Kidron,

Into the Kidron’s flow.