Award of Merit
2011 LDS Church Music Submission Awards, RS Division

They Will Not Doubt Their Mothers Knew

Charity Never Failing Sheet music image They Will Not Doubt Their Mothers Knew
(Women's Voices)

"They Will Not Doubt Their Mothers Knew" is a tribute to women everywhere, mothers, aunts, and friends, who stand as examples of and witnesses of Christ.

Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Margo Edgeworth

Verse 1

The warm earth smelled of sun and rain

As Mother held their tiny hands;

They watched their father take his sword

And bury it beneath the land.

Then Father went unarmed, to war,

And gave his life to keep his oath;

Yet, wrapped in Mother's love and peace,

The children's grief grew bright with hope.



They did not doubt their mother knew

That all the things she taught were true.

Each sacrifice she freely made;

Each choice to stand in a holy place;

Confirmed with every living breath

The truths more dear than life or death.

They did not doubt what the Lord could do;

They did not doubt their mother knew.

Verse 2

The sun found silver in her hair,

As years went by and children grew.

They worked the fields and gathered grace,

As Mother taught them daily truths.

The day came when her son, grown tall,

Took up the sword for liberty,

Thus armed with faith and Mother's prayers,

He fought and feared no enemy.


Verse 3

In quiet moments, day by day,

A woman teaches without words;

The way of light and truth revealed,

To guide the children's path on earth,

That when our children's time has come

To stand and fight for what is true,

In strength and radiance may rise

To meet the work they're called to do.

Repeat Chorus