Here Am I; Send Me

Charity Never Failing Sheet music image Here Am I; Send Me
(Medium Voice)
Here Am I; Send Me
(Two-Part Women's Voices)

Performed by Staley Carter

"Here Am I; Send Me" is a beautiful testimony of the happiness that comes with walking in the Lord's ways and as we serve others and preach the Gospel.

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Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu

Verse 1

The love of God

Has followed me all of my days.

There is no greater happiness

Than walking in His ways.

I’ve known the joy of serving,

The peace that speaks within,

The sweetness of repentance

Stealing sorrow from my sin.

For this, I know God lives.



But a world without faith

Is a world in chains;

As the darkness deepens

How can hope remain?

Who will bring the light,

The truth that maketh free?

Who’ll reflect the love

That the Savior guaranteed?

Lord, here am I; I will go.

Here am I; send me.

Verse 2

Where sorrow dwells,

Where emptiness wearies the soul,

I’ll gladly share those heavy cares

As Jesus bore my own.

I’ll seek the hearts that hunger,

Yet wander, lost in fear,

And teach them of their Father

Who longs to draw them near.

For this, I know: God loves.



Where would I be today,

If not for others long ago

Who sacrificed time and life,

So that I could know?

So that I could know?


Repeat Chorus