2009 LDS Church Music Submission Competition

Abide the Day

Charity Never Failing Sheet music image Abide the Day

Despite the great uncertainty of our time, this hymn reminds us of the promises and blessings of protection we gain through our relationship to Jesus Christ. If we "look to Him in ev'ry thought," we can rest in the peace He promises us.

Text: Toni Thomas   Music: Diane Tuiofu

Though now the weight of darkness press

Thy Light, O Lord, yet pierces all.

Though hatred grieve and sin oppress

In Thee we shall not fail nor fall.

We shall not fear; we shall not doubt

Though storms of opposition rage,

But look to Thee in ev'rey thought

And in Thy peace, abide the day.


Though in this all uncertain hour.

We know not what tomorrow brings

Yet ever trust thy matchless pow'r

To bear us up on eagles' wings.

For with Thy blood we have been bought

And sealed with promise, in Thy Name.

We'll look to Thee in ev'ry thought

And bright with hope, abide the day.

Though now the heavy burdens wear,

We meekly bear all for Thy sake.

Though sorrow tempt us to despair,

We'll seek the solace of Thy grace,

'Til tried and proven we are brought

Into Thy rest, no more to stray.

We'll look to Thee in ev'ry thought,

And in Thine Arms, abide the day.